Legal and Privacy Description for Aspen Insurance Brokers Ltd.

The agreement contains the following sections:

  • Terms of Use
  • Content
  • Interpretation and Jurisdiction
  • Security
  • Protection of personal information/Privacy
  • Confidentiality
  • Information collected from the Site
  • Use of your information
  • Password
  • Purchase of an insurance policy on line
  • Copyright and Trade-marks
    • Copyright
    • Trade-marks
  • Liability
  • Site Content
  • Links

Terms of Use
When you access the Site property of Aspen Insurance Brokers Ltd. ("Aspen Insurance"), including all information, materials, texts, illustrations, graphics and images (the "Site"), you accept and agree to be bound by and comply with the agreement regarding the use of this Site (the "Agreement"), the terms and conditions of which are described below as well as at other locations on the Site.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify the terms and conditions at any time without any notice to you. Such modifications are effective immediately upon posting. You agree to be bound by such modifications through your continued use of this Site. We recommend you revisit these terms and conditions periodically and your continued use of this Site will be deemed your conclusive acceptance of any modification.
These terms and conditions are of general application and shall be read together with and as supplementary to any disclaimer, term, or condition posted on this Site. Please take a moment to become familiar with the terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, you should immediately discontinue the use of this Site.


The information, materials, images, illustrations, graphics, text, and postings ("Content") provided by Aspen Insurance is believed to have been accurate and reliable when posted on the Site, but it cannot guarantee that it is accurate or complete or current at all times. As a result, Aspen Insurance cannot be held responsible, in whole or in part, for the accuracy and completeness of the Content provided in the Site.
The Content on this Site is for informational purposes only and Aspen Insurance has no obligation to update information presented on this Site. For specific details and further enquiries, please contact an Aspen Insurance.


Interpretation and Jurisdiction
When it is appropriate for the interpretation of the text, a word used in the masculine gender includes the feminine gender and vice versa.
Access and use of this Site are subject to all laws and regulations applicable in your province or territory of residence. Please be aware that some products and services described in the Site may not be available in your province or territory of residence. Persons accessing this Site are required to obtain information about and observe any relevant restrictions.
If any term or condition is found to be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed to be severable from the rest of the terms and conditions and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions of the Agreement.

The terms, exclusions and conditions of the contracts relating to products and services mentioned on this Site are not fully described. Their interpretation is governed by the terms and conditions of the contract applicable to the insurance product purchased, and by any applicable laws and regulations. In case of any discrepancy between the contract and the Site, the contract will apply.

Only Alberta residents who can validly be bound by an agreement under applicable laws can use this Site. Individuals residing in an area where the access to or use of the Site or any part of is illegal or prohibited are not permitted to use the Site. It is your responsibility to determine if you can legally use the Site in compliance with all applicable laws.


Once you have gained access to the Site, it is highly recommended that you do not leave the computer terminal until you have left the Site.
Aspen Insurance does not warrant that any information, software or other material accessible through the Site or through links to other Web sites are free of viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other harmful components. Without the use of encryption, communication through the Internet or electronic communication is not secure and privacy cannot be ensured.


Protection of personal information/Privacy
The applicable provisions regarding management and protection of personal information collected on the users of the Site, as well as provisions regarding the safety of data and communication can be found in this section.


When you contact Aspen Insurance in the context of your file, either to obtain a quotation, buy an insurance policy, manage a claim or ask for advice, your insurance broker must, occasionally collect certain information, some of which may be personal information. By using this Site, you authorize us to collect, hold, and use or communicate personal information, as required, for the object of your file. Rest assured, we respect the applicable laws with regard to the use of your confidential personal information. Information transmitted to us in the context of our business relationship is divulged only to authorized personnel unless you authorize its release, the law requires it, or we must use it in transacting business on your behalf with insurance companies.

Your information will not be sold by Aspen Insurance. Our procedures and systems are designed to protect your information from error, loss and unauthorized access. At any time, you can rectify any outdated or erroneous information or withdraw your consent by contacting us in writing. From time to time, we may contact you with respect to products and services offered or recommended by Aspen Insurance which are likely to meet your insurance needs.


Information collected from the Site

We may gather and store data on our Site. This is done on a collective rather than individual basis, so you can be certain that your on-line activities are not “monitored”. This information is used to determine problems with our servers, to manage the Site and make it more user-friendly. Personally identifiable information is neither required nor stored for further use,

unless you are actually entering information to submit to us for inquiries or service. To that effect, please see the section on Confidentiality.
Aspen Insurance uses small data files (cookies) to help you through the procedure required to obtain a quote or to purchase an insurance policy on line. The cookies are used for your convenience and do not contain or transmit any personal data. When you refuse to accept cookies on your browser, you will be unable to obtain a quote or to purchase a policy on line.


Use of your information
The law may require us to disclose certain information about you to others without your specific authorization. There are also circumstances in which your consent to disclose information is deemed to have been given either expressly or implicitly. We might, for example, need to release your information:
• to insurance support organizations for the purpose of preventing or detecting fraudulent transactions;
• to claim adjusters for the purpose of settling a claim;
• to law enforcement or regulatory agencies.
The above are only examples. Generally, such disclosures are rarely made, if at all.  It is our practice to provide only as much information as is reasonably necessary to accomplish the intended purpose.


Secure zones of the Site may be accessed only by use of a unique login name and password. The use of a password does not restrict access by Aspen Insurance and its Providers to the password-protected information.
Login names and passwords may not be shared. For security reasons, you must keep your login name and password confidential and not disclose them to any person or permit any other person to use them, except an authorized Aspen Insurance representative. Also, passwords must be hard-to-guess confidential and you must log-out at the end of each session. We recommend that you do not use your (or any relatives) name, birthday, social insurance number, etc., or any obvious password. It is also prudent to keep any password kept in a written form in a secure place.
You are solely responsible and liable for any use and misuse of your login name and password and for all activities that occur under your login name and password. You must ensure that all uses of your login name and password comply with this Agreement.

You must immediately notify Aspen Insurance of any unauthorized use of your login name or password, or if you know or suspect that your login name or password has been lost or stolen, has become known to any other person, or has been otherwise compromised.

All login names and passwords remain the property of Aspen Insurance, and may be cancelled or suspended at any time by Aspen Insurance without any notice or liability to you or any other person. Aspen Insurance is not under any obligation to verify the actual identity or authority of the user of any login name or password.

You must respond promptly to all email and other correspondence from Aspen Insurance, including without limitation email and correspondence concerning complaints or concerns regarding your use of your login name or password or your use of the Site.

Purchase of an insurance policy on line
If this Site offers you the possibility of obtaining an automobile insurance quote and to purchase an insurance policy on line, to allow the preparation of your quote and the issuance of your policy, you must submit, in addition to the required information (your name, address, telephone number and email address), additional information regarding your car and your elected means of payment (credit card or automatic debit).

You also agree that clicking on certain buttons will have legal ramifications namely, it will constitute your signature and confirm your intention to purchase on line an insurance policy once you have received an acceptable quote. You will be bound by its terms and conditions and agree to pay the premiums and any applicable taxes. We recommend that you retain a copy of the quote.

When you are ready to purchase on line, we will validate your information and consequently, the coming into force of your policy is suspended and conditional upon the results of our validation, which is usually completed on the following business day. You will be advised by one of our brokers, by telephone or by email, of our receipt of the quote, the acceptance of your quote by the insurer, the issuance of the policy and the exact date of the coming into force of your coverage. You agree that the confirmation of your quote can be validly communicated by telephone.

The insurance policy will be interpreted, enforced and governed by the laws of the Province of Alberta and its tribunals will have jurisdiction to decide any claim related to the insurance policy.


Copyright and Trade-marks:

The Site is protected by the Copyright Act, by the copyright laws of other countries and International Agreements on such matters, and its Content cannot be altered without infringing on Aspen Insurance’s and the author’s rights and moral rights.

The Content displayed on the Site is and will remain at all times the property of Aspen Insurance and/or the author, unless stipulated otherwise herein. The Content cannot, under any circumstances, be sold, reproduced, copied, modified, altered, published, distributed, uploaded, broadcast or retransmitted in whole or in part, as the case may be, without prior written consent from Aspen Insurance and/or the author(s). Any unauthorized act including downloading, retransmission or other copying or modification of the Content may be a violation of any federal or other law applicable to copyrights and may give rise to legal action.

No Content from the Site may be cited on or transmitted to newsgroups, mail lists, electronic bulletin boards, blogs or incorporated into any other Internet Web site nor may links be created to this Site without indicating the source and address of the Site and without the prior written consent of Aspen Insurance.


Certain names, words, titles, phrases, logos, icons, graphics or designs or other Content in the pages of the Site are, as the case may be, trade-names or trade-marks of Aspen Insurance, its parent or affiliates, registered and/or used in Canada or in other countries, as the case may be, and represent only part of the intellectual property of Aspen Insurance, its parent or affiliates (the "Trade-marks").

Certain names, words, titles, phrases, logos, icons, graphics or designs or other Content in the pages of the Site can constitute trade-marks or trade-names, registered or not, of third parties and may be used under licence. The users are not permitted to use these trade-marks or trade names without express consent from Aspen Insurance or from the third party proprietor of these trade-marks or trade names.

Any unauthorised downloading, re-transmission, or other copying or modification of the Trade-marks and/or the Content of the Site may be a violation of any federal or other law that may apply to trade-marks and/or copyrights and give rise to legal action.


All Content found or accessed on this Site is provided on an "AS IS" basis and without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. Aspen Insurance completely disclaims all liability arising from the use of the Content contained on this Site by any user. Further, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, in no event shall Aspen Insurance be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or special damages, losses, claims or expenses arising out of the use of the information herein, or in any way connected with access to or use of the Site.

Without limiting the above, Aspen Insurance does not represent or warrant that the Site or its Content will be available or will function without interruption or that it will be free of errors or that any errors will be corrected. In addition, it does not represent or warrant that the use of the Site and, including the browsing and downloading of any Content, will be free of viruses, Trojan horses, worms or other destructive or disruptive components or that your use of the Site and its Content will not infringe the intellectual property or other rights of any third party.

When using the Site, you have to take reasonable precautions to scan for computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other items of a destructive nature. It is also up to you to ensure that you have a complete and current backup of the information contained on your computer system prior to using the Site.


Site Content
Information provided by Aspen Insurance is believed to have been accurate and reliable when posted on the Site, but we cannot guarantee that it is accurate or complete or current at all times. The information on this Site is for information purposes only and is not intended to provide financial, legal, accounting or tax advice and should not be relied upon in that regard. For advice please consult your financial, legal, accounting or tax specialist.

Links from or to Internet Web sites outside this Site are meant for convenience only and you access them at your own risk. The publishers of the outside sites manage their content which are not reviewed, nor approved by Aspen Insurance. These links should not be construed as an endorsement, a guarantee or a recommendation of the products or services offered on those sites. Aspen Insurance cannot guarantee that these links are functional or secure.

Aspen Insurance is not responsible for damages or prejudice of any nature resulting from the use or the Content of this Site or content of other sites connected to the Site by hyperlink.


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